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Xatm (the X Another Type Manager) was based on X-VFlib which actualizes the Japanese scalable fonts. Xatm supports PostScript OCF and CID fonts on X, and is very modular, much like ATM (Adobe Type Manager) on Windows and Macintosh. While it wasn't the original design goal of Xatm, development of TrueType fonts is supported.



  1. Wada lab font JISX0208 using PostScript font
  2. Wada lab font JISX0212 using PostScript font
  3. The Microsoft MS TrueType font
  4. Font rotate
  5. Font reversal
  6. Korean language font
  7. "MORI Ohgai"(Japanese novelist) spells in old style ideogrph character!
  8. NEC external characters
  9. FMR external characters
  10. Individual encoding
  11. Unicode
  12. Example with Tgif
  13. Example with Java
  14. Mojikyo font


Xatm requires xfs (the X font server) to be installed in order to use. It is possible to compile directly into the X server, but the time required is excessive by comparison. The present Xatm developed the CID font using the individual extended edition of the SGI CID font library. The past method of using ghostscript is no longer used, except for "Chinese easy town", external character compilation, and Tgif.


In order to simplify use, extract just the source code and the Makefile from the package.

In addition, the package contains the XFree86 3.3.3 source code. If it is possible, download only the patch. The patchfile contains a note on when to apply the patch, please read it.

It is possible to download a precompiled binary, which I provide. Please use it, but read the explanation.

Whether or not Xatm will compile in environments other than Linux/x86 is not well known. If it does compile in your environment, please e-mail me. Currently, operation has been verified with Linux 2.0.x/2.2.x (using libc5/glibc), FreeBSD 2.2.6/3.3, SunOS 5.5, HP-UX 10, Solaris 2.5, and Linux PPC.

Making your own fonts

Because Xatm can only handle Type3 fonts, it requires patience to get good quality.

Help wanted

I need some help for these things:

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